Considerations for Modernizing Infrastructure and Control Systems

There are several elements that determine the cost, benefits, and the success of your plant modernization efforts. Key questions include: 

  • Is my infrastructure able to support new technologies, increased data flow, and security requirements that will help produce the results I am looking for? 
  • Are my controllers able to support new technologies that will make me safer and more efficient and productive? If not, can I undertake some low-risk, incremental, modernization efforts? 

This educational experience will give you new information to consider and help you answer these questions for yourself.

Session Topics:

  • Resources that will help you design and deploy a scalable, reliable, and secure network infrastructure 
  • Demonstration of how to modernize legacy programmable controllers and HMIs such as MicroLogix, SLC 500, and Panelviews 
  • How to deal with old network connections on HMIs and migrate to Ethernet/IP 
  • Ease of program conversions and how to reuse code to maximize upgrade budgets

Additional Information:

This class begins on 6/23/2021 2:30 will run for 1 hour

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