PLC Wiring and Troubleshooting

Instructor Led, Hands-on Training 

At the completion of this training, the employee will be able to “talk through” and troubleshoot the PLC’s ladder logic using the Logix5000 software in order to locate a “real” faulty input or output device, replace it, and get the process back up and running. It’s all about troubleshooting! 

Each participant will wire the actual input and output (I/O) field devices to the PLC. The participants actually wire their own PLC Trainer! 

Topics Covered: 

  • Ethernet communications set up using RSLinx 
  • Demonstrate the BootP utility using an “out of the box” controller to set the IP address and the configuration in RSLinx 
  • Ethernet/IP driver – explain “RSWho views” and RSLinx configuration 
  • Toggling and Forcing Real and Simulated inputs and outputs 
  • Timers (TON, TOF, RTO, RTF), Counters (CTU, CTD), One-Shot (ONS) • Compare blocks (EQU, NEQ, LES, GRT, LEQ, GEQ, LIM), First-Scan (S:FS) 
  • Math blocks (ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV, CPT), Set Bit Zero/Negative (S:Z, S:N) 
  • Jump (JMP), Jump to Subroutine (JSR), Master Control Reset (MCR) 
  • One/two Dimension arrays, Fill File (FLL), Copy File (COP), Average File (AVE) 
  • Bit-Shift Right/Left (BSR, BSL), First-In-First-Out (FIFO) Load/Unload (FFL, FFU) 
  • Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) Load/Unload (LFL, LFU), Masked Move (MVM) • Sequencer Output (SQO) using the Array, Mask, and Output Tables 
  • Indirect Addressing, Add-On Instructions (AOI) NOTE: Numerous hands-on labs utilizing troubleshooting skills are included.


Bob provides electrical training for the customers of Electrical Distributors and for employees of all types of industries. His extensive experience in conducting electrical training has enabled him to recognize the special needs of countless companies and their employees. 

He began providing electrical training at Dunwoody Industrial Institute while employed as an Electrical Engineer for Northern States Power (XCEL Energy) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He then served as an Electrical Engineer for United Technologies. Later he spent several years as a college Professor, which provided him with extensive knowledge of how to clearly and effectively teach technical material. 

Bob earned Electrical Engineering degrees from Michigan Technological University and the University of Tennessee

Additional Information:

This class begins on 6/6/2023 at 8:00 AM and runs for 4 days. Lunch will be provided.

Cost: $1,895.00

Kendall Electric
4621 Executive Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

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