Kendall Electric offers many flexible E-commerce solutions that can help your business with procurement processes and can give you access to your account 24/7. Please email us with any questions or to schedule a time we can discuss how Kendall Electric's solutions can benefit you.


Fully integrated electronic document processing solution that lets your company conduct routine business transactions through an automatic computer-to-computer exchange of business documents – sometimes without the need for third-party software depending on your business system. By using EDI to electronically process documents for purchasing, scheduling and invoice activity, you can significantly lower administrative costs.

In addition, its simplicity and speed allow you to strengthen quoting, order placing and delivery scheduling. Value added networks, also known as VANs, handle the exchange of data between trading partners. In addition to sending and receiving data, VANs are responsible for the messages and security requirements between EDI trading partners. They ensure that your transmissions are successful and that other businesses do not intercept your transmissions. FTP for EDI transaction handling is also available.


XML are able to take advantage of real-time collaboration between systems, no matter how similar or dissimilar they may be. You can send transactions, such as orders, in XML format and receive our outgoing XML transactions, such as order confirmations, into a format your systems can understand. Using the HTTPS transport protocol, you can ensure your transactions and data are traded securely.

XML benefits:

  • Eliminate EDI VAN and portal charges by linking directly with our server.
  • Reduce costs associated with manual transactions and their potential errors.
  • Submit inquires, RFQs, Purchase Orders, Receive Advanced Shipment Notification and Invoicing.

Online Account Access

Easy for you to get information 24/7 and self-service access

You can place orders, check product pricing and availability, view open orders, invoicing and more -- all in real time.

Designed to help you boost productivity -- by reducing the time you spend handling order entry, checking inventory or reviewing submitted orders.

Search our product file, add items to your shopping cart, and submit your order. While shopping, you can also view product information, create your own product groups, edit shipping information, and view information about your account.

Stock Room Manager

Inventory apps are available for storeroom and crib management.

  • Load Customer Part Numbers in Mobile Device
  • Load Eclipse Product File in Mobile Device
  • Search for product based on Customer Part numbers or product description
  • Create and Submit Orders for inventory replenishment
  • Scan Product Bar Codes for Inventory Orders or Inventory Counts
  • Replenish inventory based on inventory counts tied to Min/ Max’s

Catalog PunchOut

Kendall Electric also has the capability to connect your procurement system to shop.kendallelectric.com. This allows you to populate your requisitions and purchase orders. Individual items can be searched for and added or commonly ordered items can be retrieved from the My Product Groups feature. You can still review your pricing and availability, look up product information and utilize all other features. Kendall Electric can also provide you with an e-file of catalog items if your procurement system does not have the ability to PunchOut to shop.kendallelectric.com. We are able to syndicate our e-catalog data for uploading to your e-catalog.

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